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How to stop gambling – a burning issue for every family

If you know anyone who spends most of his/her time in gambling, then you must inform that person or his/her loved ones that it is an alarming sign for that person and also for his/her loved ones. It is quite common scenario amongst many gamblers that initially they failed to recognize and acknowledge gambling as a problem. And eventually it turns into an addiction which not only causes problem for that person only but for his/her family also. Gambling not only affects your mental health, it also hit your finances so badly that you may end up doing such things which you have never imagined. So, it’s better to quit gambling as early as possible.

There are lots of way you can break this habit. These are such as:

How To Stop GamblingAsk your loved ones to help you

You need to inform your loved ones about this problem. That person might be your spouse, parent, friend or counselor but the support from that person is very important.

Careful about lying  

It is the most common scenario among compulsive gamblers that they tend to lie about gambling, debts and lots of other things, sometimes they lie to other people to come out clean. This eventually leads towards more lying and more debts. Lying is a tough nut to crack. You can’t stop lying in overnight.  First of you need to clarify to your partner that you are not lying. It is very important to gain that person’s believe. Then you can sort out a plan about this lying business with that person.

Stay away from cash

The most important aspect of quitting gambling is that you need to stay away from cash as much as possible. How to stop gambling- if you able to stay away from cash then it will be a child’s play for you to stop gambling.

•    Don’t carry enough cash in your wallet.
•    Take money which is only necessary for daily expenses.
•    Use cards as much as possible.
•    Tell your loved ones what you are doing.

Try other things

How To Stop Gambling is not the only issue but the main issue is that what you will do after quitting gambling. You need to take up any new hobby or go for travelling to fill up the gap. The main reason behind this is many gamblers felt a void after leaving gambling.

•    Plan for something new.
•    Spend times with friends and families.
•    Take up a new hobby or sports.
•    Keep yourself busy in interesting things.

Relax yourself

Join meditation, Yoga or something else to relax and to bring calmness in your mind. Those can help you to reach your desired goal easily and with a calmer way.

Help others

Help those who are also suffering from this kind of addictions and problems. While performing that you are not only helping them but you are also able to stay away from the world of gambling.

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