How To Stop Gambling

Many social scientists and psychologists have expressed their deep concern over gambling in any sports. Gambling is everywhere- be it on any sports, card game or roulette. Whether it is casino or in online, no one is able to come out of the effect of gambling. And this is not only causing financial catastrophe but also affecting our relationships and official matters. The shadow of gambling is so dark that it’s forced us to do things which you never imagined you would such as stealing money or any valuable article to pay debts or to gamble. Many gamblers think that they will not be able to come out of this mess but with proper guidance and help, one can overcome this problem or addiction and go back to the normal life.

Understanding the addiction and the problem

Gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is one sort of impulsive-control disorder. Those who gamble regularly can’t control themselves from the impulse to gamble. Compulsive gamblers continue gambling, knowing the fact that it is hurting their personal and financial life. No matter what will be the consequences, they think about gambling day and night. Compulsive gamblers continue gambling whether they are sad or happy, down or up. They keep gambling even they know that they are broke or they can’t afford to lose money.

How To Stop GamblingSometimes gamblers suffer from various problems. Problem gambling is one of them. If a gambler is preoccupied with gambling, spend a hefty amount of time and money on gambling or chases loosing or gambling knowing the faulty consequences then the person is suffering from problem gambling.

Feelings without gambling

It is often observed that a person suffering from any stress, depression, fear, anxiety or loneliness tend to go to a casino to have some fun and excitement. They think it is a good way to socialize or unwind them. But there are lots of other ways to remain happy and healthy and without spending so much of money. One can start exercise, meditate or can take up new hobbies or travel to keep away from unpleasant feelings.

But the main concern is that one has to understand that those stress related problems will be there even after he/she quits gambling. So, it is better to tackle those problems in a more proper way and without spending time on gambling.

Signs of problem gambling

Addiction to gambling is considered as a “hidden illness” due to lack of obvious signs or symptoms like any other addiction. But there are lots of ways to find out the signs and symptoms of a problem gambler.

•    They tend to avoid or deny problems.
•    They hide about their inclination towards gambling.
•    Paying less time to their loved ones.

Treatment to come out of it

How To Stop Gambling”?  It is the most important question for gamblers and for their loved ones.  There is no specific way to solve this problem because every gambler is unique and so their problems are. The hardest part of this sort of treatment is to realize that you have to continue your life without gambling. One needs lots of courage to cope this sort of this kind of situations. But don’t lose heart, if you have guts and support of your loved ones then it is very easy to overcome any problem.

Stay away from gambling forever

You might have realized that quitting gambling is relatively easy but stay away from it is the hardest part. You need to engage yourself in various activities as a replacement of gambling. Avoid people who are not accountable, avoid temptations relating to gamble and don’t think much about your finances initially.

If you still think that you are not able to control your temptations on gambling, and then stop worrying about it. Gambling is not an easy addiction to leave. There are lots of instances where a gambler joined this ugly business after quitting it. So you may slip multiple times but that doesn’t mean this will be the end of the world. The important part is that you should learn from your mistakes and preparing for recovery for next time. One needs to be very much courageous and strong both mentally and physically.